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Fanfiction Statistics

I’m declaring myself tagged because it seems like a fun way to warm up my brain on a drizzly day. I’m using AO3 only because LJ does not have a way to count comments per post, apparently. Which is too bad because good comment-conversations happen more on my LJ page than AO3.


My 3 fanfics with the most comments:
Living is harder (Rey) [8]
Swim out past the breakers (pre-relationship Finnick and Annie) [7]
Clean (Post-war Johanna and Annie) [6]

Like I said, the comments mostly happen on LJ.

My 3 fanfics with the most kudos:
Living is harder [39]
As long as I can see your face (Annie/Finnick) [29]
Finally breathe (Johanna & Finnick) [22]

My oldest fanfic:

on AO3: Turned my back, watched the knife sink deep (Rokia’s Games)
Ever: No Escape (Lyme watching Rokia’s Games, in the AU where Rokia wins in 68, on LJ)

I am a fic-writing infant, that first one was written in May 2014

My latest fanfic:

Plant Assembly Procedures (Rey and Chewbacca)

My proudest fanfic:

Tractors turning the multiple furrows in the vacant land
Zea, a thoughtful, observant combine driver in District Nine, comes across a copy of The Grapes of Wrath in a falling-down barn on the edge of the Flint Hills, and it’s one more thing that pushes her into the less-glamourous side of the rebellion: the one where ordinary people take extraordinary risks to bring down the Capitol. I’m working on the sequel now.

My longest fanfic:

Might taste sweet but that’s not love
The 72 Games--Rokia’s first as a mentor, Phillips’ first having a Victor. Everything is terrible. Except for Mags. And Lyme.

Not that long, but I tend to string short things into series because it’s easier.

My 3 fanfics with the most hits:

As long as I can see your face [324]
Finally Breathe [273]
Still 22 days left till the end of the world (Finnick and Johanna hear the Quell card read) [217]

Apparently, if you want attention in Hunger Games fandom you write Finnick. It’s also interesting to me that the one Star Wars story I have on AO3 has a kudos/hits ratio of 0.2, while the other two top-kudos stories are 0.1 and 0.09 respectively. Not to mention COMMENT GUYS PLEASE?

My top 3 crossover fanfics:
I don’t have any posted on AO3, there’s a couple comment-fics and tumblr prompt-fills floating around that are HGs characters at Hogwarts ^^

My favorite character to write in fanfic:

This is like asking which child is my favorite! How am I supposed to choose! I like Zea’s POV even though it’s a bitch to write, because it’s very...thoughtful? I like Sara (Rokia’s (girl)friend) because she’s very Gryffindor firey and yet super practical. Rokia is great because she’s my first so I love her--and she’s prickly as hell but she cares a lot about Her People.

Canon characters it’s Johanna probably. She’s so raw and unfiltered that it can be very cathartic. I don’t do things from her POV that often though because honestly it usually fucks me up for hours afterwards. Finnick’s easier to write because he is very good at compartmentalizing the awful--which is also why Johanna got her family killed and Finnick didn’t.

Bonus round! A fic you love that isn’t listed above:

This actually covered most of my favorites, but I’ll say What we do to get by, because it’s the first Johanna-POV thing I wrote (on Christmas Eve, WOW was that inappropriate timing). I like it because I think it catches the desperation of needing to make something stop hurting. Even if you know what you’re doing is a terrible idea and won’t work for very long.

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