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AKA brainweasel whack-a-mole

My depression-symptoms are better than they were 2 weeks ago, therefore I notice being anxious a lot more, because I don’t have the depressed-apathetic “fuck it, it’s going to suck anyway, who cares if you are going to make a mess out of everything?”

This is extremely irritating to me, but it at least lends itself to bursts of workworkwork (with the help of a bunch of coffee and the slightly improved concentration/executive function that may be a meds thing?) and also actually exercising because the only thing that actually turns the volume down on the anxiety-screaming in my head is wearing myself the fuck out.

Well. And assorted bad coping mechanisms (mostly ED-adjacent) which I’m not going to use because I know where they go and it’s “nowhere good,” thanks.

Tags:mo liveblogs new meds, adventures in brainweasels, and the work bursts have to be hyper-focus-able like 'coding' and not the things I need to do like 'get materials, 'organize shit', those are just the worst, crosspost
Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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