kawuli (kawuli) wrote,

Christmas offer

I am super busy with work again, in the Netherlands after my wonderful-but-busy vacation in North America. So my fic output is basically nonexistent because I don't have the brainpower for planning.

However, Christmas is coming, despite the fact that it is currently 12 degrees CELSIUS and drizzly (low 50s F). Tis the season for giving, so if there's a fic you want (things on my mind lately include D9 in the war, the Giant Killer Octopus thing, postwar divergence as always, and, randomly, Johanna Mason), or a question you'd like me to ramble about (cephalopods and their amazingness, District 9 in the Dark Days, what the hell I actually do all day with this "work" stuff, etc etc etc) post in the comments and I will attempt to answer.

Also, the new Star Wars is wonderful and you should all see it. 
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