kawuli (kawuli) wrote,

2015 writing in review

Thanks to lorata I've been tracking my word count for the last year, and it's been fun!

So here's the final count:

And if you look at it over the course of the year:

It averages out to a little over 500 words/day (the slope of the regression line is 508, a straight average gives 559), which is pretty good! There's some ups (at the end of the year when Johanna invaded my brain, for example) and some downs (usually correlating to work taking over all my brainpower), but it's fairly consistent, which makes me happy.

I also posted 68,359 words to AO3--Rokia's Games through the Tour, the D9 fic for the Mary Sue Big Bang, and a few Johanna snippets.

Thanks to all of you for reading, commenting, cheerleading, flailing, and generally being a big part of making all those words happen.

Here's to 2016!
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