kawuli (kawuli) wrote,

Masterpost: Rokia wins the 68th

No-longer-canon version of Rokia's life as a Victor. Or maybe this is what happens in Canon, since it's canon-compliant and canon is the worst 'verse.

Rokia's Games (Lyme POV) [AKA mo's first fanfic, be kind]
After the Games In the Capitol Returning to Six
Rokia's Victory Tour in District Two (Lyme POV)
The 69th Games (Rokia POV - Part 1) (Rokia POV - Part 2) Lyme POV
Getting recruited for the rebellion by Wiress and Beetee
The 70th Games, on her own
Escaping from the Capitol Rokia's on the last hovercraft out of the Capitol when the forcefield falls
Tags: masterpost
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