kawuli (kawuli) wrote,

Fanfic Anniversary

Two years ago today I posted my very first fanfic. It was a random one-shot about Lyme watching a kid win who she sort of identified with, realizing what a terrible idea that was and how even though the Games were a way out for her, they weren't for outliers.

And then I got a lot of cheerleading and enabling and help of various kinds and...kept writing. And that kid turned into Rokia and we moved things around and gave her Phillips and shoehorned her into the canon divergence AU and moved her sisters to District Two after the war and...

Well. Scrivener estimate of words written since then is 347,700.

In 2015: 203,982

2016 so far: 64,140

On AO3: 134,885

I added 1150 words yesterday to The Rebellion from Below, in which ordinary people make the rebellion happen. Which is the thing I wanted when I first read the Hunger Games books, and since nobody else has written it, looks like I'll do it myself. The first installment, Tractors turning the multiple furrows in the vacant land, is still the thing I'm most proud of writing.

Extra special thanks to lorata and xanify and penfold_x for flailing at me over chat, and to everyone who reads and comments and makes me realize other people like this too. 
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