kawuli (kawuli) wrote,

30 days of writing: Day 13

beginning. accusation. restless. snowflake. haze. flame. formal. companion. move. silver. prepared. knowledge. denial. wind. order. thanks. look. summer. transformation. tremble. sunset. mad. thousand. outside. winter. diamond. letters. promise. simple. future.

This isn’t happening.

It’s not possible, it’s not real, Sara flat-out refuses to believe it, and yet—Rokia climbs up the steps to the platform and turns to face the crowd. To anyone else she looks almost bored, but Sara looks up at the screen showing Rokia’s face so much larger than life, and Sara  has known her since she was nine years old and she sees the twitching muscles around Rokia’s eyes, the tension in her shoulders.

There’s how many thousand Reaping-age girls in District Six? And they picked Rokia.

Sara’s rooted in place, even after everything’s over and the crowd starts to disappear. If she moves it’ll be real, she’ll have to think about what to do, and an hour ago she was planning to sneak Rokia into a bar and get her to relax and then—

Matt startles her out of whatever this is. “Sara, c’mon,” he says, taking her arm. “We gotta go see her.”

Sara takes a deep breath. “Yeah,” she says, turning toward him. “Yeah, okay.”

They walk into the Justice Building together.

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