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The "fic I'm not writing" game, plus updates on me and my mom

The fic I'm not writing game, borrowed from Tumblr:

Give me a character or a ship and the title or theme of a fic, and I will give you a summary of the associated "fic I'm not writing." Because my brain is so uncooperative lately idek.

mo and the amazing malfunctioning brain:

Monday: Searched all over for the flash drive I got from a course last week, eventually found it in the DRYER because apparently I hadn’t checked my pockets as thoroughly as I thought I had. Still works though, which makes me 2 for 2 on washed-and-dried flash drives making it through intact.

Yesterday: had to go home at lunch because I forgot to take my morning meds. Biked home, took meds, ate lunch, biked back to work, went to lock up my bike, realized I didn’t have my keys. Biked back home, found keys just where I suspected I would: in the lock on my door (luckily I don’t live in a high-crime area). Biked back to work. 2 round-trips = 15 km

Today: running late, can’t find my ID card, which I need to get into the building. Give up, bike to work, get spare ID from the reception people, get upstairs to my desk, reach into bag for headphones (in a pocket where I SWEAR I looked at least twice) and HI THERE ID.

I have not been this bad about losing things since high school (up through then I lost IDs like 2-3x/semester), so c’mon brain, get it together! Also can I please get my ADHD diagnosis now? (I'm seeing the therapist-person again on Friday and then hopefully the prescribing doctor after that? WHO KNOWS, because the Dutch are very concerned with determining precisely what diagnosis I need through 1 million assessment tests before doing literally anything else and I am getting slightly impatient)

Mom updates for those keeping score at home:

Mom is home from the hospital, recovering pretty well, but slowly. My dad had to go buy Vagisil for her because "in sickness and in health" sometimes means braving the vaginas aisle. The church ladies, without whom I am sure the world would stop turning, are organizing people to come hang out and help her so my dad can work, run errands, cook food, etc. without worrying about her. Crisis mostly over, now back to the mysterious chronic pain drugs-and-therapies tango. 
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