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Do you have any funny/reassuring things to say to your followers terrified by the RNC?

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Well, I got good news and bad news. Good news? If there are enough of us, then Trump won’t win. Bad news - at this point, that’s a disturbingly big “if.”

The widespread vitriol that people have been happily spewing at Hillary Clinton for the past year (or thirty) means that there are a lot of twits who honestly think she’s worse than Trump, and unfortunately that is nearly as much Democrats’ fault as Republicans’. And I don’t even mean BernieBros, though I certainly feel a special contempt for their shenaniganery over the past nine months after this week’s nightmare of a GOP convention. Democrats in general have been assuring each other that they understand Clinton’s “got problems,” but that she’s the lesser of two evils or the best of a bad lot or whatever bullshit.

The thing is that objectively, taken on her own without any other qualifications, Clinton is a fantastic choice for President. She’s smart, has a history of following through on her candidacy promises (see: her Senate career), has managed any number of crises with aplomb and the near-universal praise of not only her allies and rivals in the US, but the respect of the international community. She knows the Presidency from literally every angle, she’s able to form and maintain relationships with people – not just those who can do something for her, as people claim – and she is a total nerd about policy. Democrats have been terrible about making this shit clear, and I have my theories about why that is, but at this point it’s got to stop. Stop saying “I mean I know she’s awful but” every time you mention supporting her; stop saying “well I mean even though I don’t like her PERSONALLY I’ll vote for her;” stop qualifying your belief that she will do a good job by assuring everyone that you are a Cool Girl and would never vote for Icky Hillary Clinton if there were a better option. That attitude isn’t what got us Trump as a candidate, but it is absolutely what will get us Trump as a president.

If you want reassurance, I can’t provide it. All I can suggest is that you work your ass off to make sure Clinton gets elected. 

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