kawuli (kawuli) wrote,

Here comes the General

Thank you, Carrie Fisher.


They land at the Resistance base, and it's chaos. Rey’s dizzy with it, with the rush of emotions she can't identify, the noise of people around her, taking Finn, moving past her like a sandstorm, battering her even when they don’t touch.

She walks out onto the tarmac in a daze—and there is one sure point in the storm. A woman, old and tired and sad but steady, in a world that's gone wobbly. A woman with kind eyes, and Rey steps toward her automatically, finds herself wrapped in a hug. She rests her chin on the woman's shoulder, feels the tension wind down. Finds her mind wrapped in a hug sure as her body is, courage and calm and fierce protectiveness soothing away some of the fear and confusion.

Rey steps away.

“I'm Leia,” the woman says, quiet but carrying in the commotion.

Of course. Leia Organa, sister to Luke Skywalker, just as mythical and just as real.

“Rey,” she replies, and Rey would maybe be self-conscious but she's still wrapped in that feeling of comfort.

“General Organa—” someone rushes up. Leia—General Organa—smiles an apology, and slips away.

Rey takes a deep breath and follows her into the base.
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