kawuli (kawuli) wrote,

America you great unfinished symphony

South Bend, Indiana.

A big crowd of people. Some have signs. A lot have pink pussy hats.

They didn’t get a permit to march in the street–I guess nobody expected a crowd like this. We walked on the sidewalks, down a few blocks and back. We yelled. We laughed. My mom came. Some friends came. There must have been at least a couple thousand people here.

“My husband keeps telling me to get over it,” one woman said.

“I don’t know what I’ll do if I lose my health insurance,” mom said.

“Look at that sign, boy I wish I was clever like that,” someone said.

“I can’t believe there’s so many people here!” we all said.

It was sunny, and warm. “It’s a sign,” we told each other, and laughed.
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