kawuli (kawuli) wrote,

Adventures in red state democracy

Three of us stood up and asked questions at the end of our (R) representative’s event at the Chamber of Commerce today, since she’s not holding any town halls or actually-public events, and we wanted to tell her not to repeal the ACA without a suitable replacement. We got shut down pretty quick: “This is not the time or place, you’re being rude, this was for Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club only, we’re done here, bye.” And then she left.

But I talked to a TV reporter on camera and a newspaper reporter and another woman was also talking to people, and while I am not entirely sure what I said I think it was coherent? Hopefully?

And now I am out of peopleing and wording ability and will be hiding in my room for the weekend and watching Star Trek and pretending I live in a universe that makes more sense than this one.
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