kawuli (kawuli) wrote,

Writing progress

Because it's March now ... did February feel interminable to anyone else? ... I'm updating my fic totals and yelling them into the void.

January writing:
General fanfiction: 7387
Rebellion fic: 11940 (this is not included in general fic because it is Important Fic)
Total: 19327

February writing:
General fanfiction: 20208
Rebellion fic: 2132 (oops)
Total: 22340

Good news: more words! Look at all those words. Bad news: only 10% or so of them were on the Rebellion fic. Hopeful news: I sorted out one of the things that was stalling me on that one. Less-hopeful news: omg I have so much work to do why do I have to do a real job and write a thesis.
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