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Star Wars
You do it better (AO3) Rey, the things you learn growing up on Jakku
Rey on Jakku (random short bit)
Living is harder(AO3) Rey, post-The Force Awakens, culture shock.
Plant Assembly Procedures (AO3) Rey learns how plants work

The Breakout Job (AO3) Parker helps a friend of Josie's (remember Josie the baby car thief?) to break out of a "camp for troubled youths"

Hunger Games
Surely these are the last days
The Rebellion from Below: A series of n+1 stories about the rebellion as told by its less-glamorous instigators (D9 and D6 focused). Stay tuned, if you're interested. (AO3 series)
Tractors turning the multiple furrows in the vacant land (AO3) The beginnings
The line between hunger and anger (AO3) No turning back now.

Smiles and Promises
Rokia, an OC victor from District Six
I wrote an initial version where Rokia wins the 68th and has terrible mentors, found here. Then we decided Rokia should be part of lorata et al.'s canon divergence 'verse, so she wins the 71st and has Phillips (originally from Lorata's Avenger Games crossover AUs, remixed through my headcanon) as a mentor. Lyme semi-mentor-adopts her, she builds stuff with Wiress and Beetee, helps in the rebellion, and then moves in with Lyme in District Two. (AO3 series)

Before the Games/Backstory:

Home Sweet Home (Part 1, Part 2) (AO3)
Reaping Day in Six(AO3) Rokia and Sara backstory

A Tribute and a Victor:

Rokia's Games Pre-Games The Arena After the Arena (AO3)
Sara watches Rokia's Games LJ AO3
Mentoring after the Arena Phillips gets to know his girl and her family, and starts planning for the future with some help from Brutus (Phillips POV) (AO3)
The Victory Tour: The Districts (Phillips and Rokia POVs) The Capitol (Phillips POV) Back in Six (Rokia POV) In which the Capitol makes Rokia into someone she's not, and (almost) everything is terrible. (AO3)
Unstable equilibria Getting used to life as a Victor (AO3)
The 72nd Games Part 1a Part 1b (Rokia and Phillips POVs) Part 2a Part 2b (Rokia POV) Rokia goes back to the Games, this time as a mentor. It's hard. (AO3)
Phillips and Mags A conversation during the 72nd. (Phillips POV)
Rokia's Mom


Meeting Selene In the Capitol, after the war, girls and bikes.
Consolidation After the war, almost all of the Victors are ready and eager to get out of the Capitol. Rokia isn't.
Making friends Selene decides she and Rokia are going to be friends. Rokia could say no...probably.
Going to Two (Rokia POV) Rokia moves to District Two under protest (Lyme POV--now slightly non-canon)
Lyme, reluctantly mentoring (Part 2) Lyme doesn't really know what she's doing, but she knows someone has to do it
A surprise from the past Rokia and Selene run into someone in the Capitol, and everyone has to deal with the past punching them in the gut.
Rokia and Selene have the best hobbies More girls and bikes
Not Spying Claudius meets his little sister
Rokia's sisters move to District Two Part 1 Part 2 Brutus' parents adopt Rokia's sisters, and help put the family back together
The Reaping Day that isn't There isn't a Reaping in 77, but if there had been, Alima would have been eligible.
Anniversary It's not a good day.
Kadi and Brutus
Rokia, approaching equilibrium Lyme sends Rokia to see a therapist. Rokia talking to Lyme about family is now included in this.
*Rokia and Sara, reconnecting after the war (Sara POV) Part 1 Part 2 (*This one's hard to set chronologically, runs from immediately post-war to the end of 77 or so)
Rokia and Devon
Rokia gets a house of her own
Experimental kissing protocols Sara and Rokia getting over some of Rokia's triggers together
Rokia and Eibhlin get pet sheep (this is completely penfold_x's fault, and then it became long and full of feelings, idek)
Claudius and Rokia: Snow Day
Proposal (Lora's birthday fic, Sara POV)
Sara's family (Sara POV)
Sara and Rokia: Wedding
Burned by all our fears Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 10 years after the war, Alima's having a baby. And Rokia's got some PTSD landmines left to deal with.

Please feel free to take this personally
Johanna (who I headcanon as winning the 66th Games), her friendship with Finnick (bffs, not sexy), and them getting involved in the Rebellion. Johanna is a tough character--these all come with warnings for drug and alcohol abuse, PTSD, forced prostitution, and bad coping mechanisms generally. (AO3 series)

Bright lights, big city (AO3) Johanna, fresh out
What doesn't kill you (AO3) Johanna learns some things at the end of her Victory Tour
Defeat tasted nothing like you said (AO3) There are always consequences. Johanna's family pays this time.
What we do to get by (AO3) What happens after Johanna's family is killed
Finally breathe (AO3) Johanna confesses some things (Finnick POV)
Still breathing at any cost (AO3) concurrent with Finally breathe
Pointing to up (AO3) Johanna needs a reason to keep going, and Finnick gives her one. (Finnick POV)
Held by the gravity of nothing (AO3) It's worse when you care about the tributes.
Can you hear me right now? (AO3) Babysitting Finnick (flashing gif at the LJ link)
still 22 days left till the end of the world (AO3) Johanna and Finnick hear the Quell card read (Finnick POV)
5 times Johanna climbed trees, and one time she couldn't (so Katniss brought her one) (AO3)
Afterwards Canon divergence postwar, Finnick and Johanna
Clean (AO3) Canon divergence postwar, Johanna and Annie and exposure therapy

Canon-compliant postwar:
After the storm (AO3)

Ain't nothing but a family thing
Stories from District Four (Finnick/Annie) (AO3 series)

Finnick's backstory Meta.
Swim out past the breakers (AO3) Finnick meets Annie. Nothing much happens.
Just be honest (AO3) Annie is more perceptive than anyone's prepared for
As long as I can see your face (AO3) Annie and Finnick's sex life, aka the most romantic thing I've ever written
Peeta visits District Four Postwar, prompt-fic

I also ramble periodically about my Panem headcanons. I try to tag these posts absurd logistics of Panem (because the more you think about it, the crazier this fictional dystopia really is)

On trigger warnings: Stuff on AO3 is (hopefully!) well-tagged. For stuff posted here, I haven't tagged specific trigger warnings in most cases, although for stories that are particularly in need of such, there are usually warnings in the intros. This is the Hunger Games universe so very often there are references to violence and forced prostitution and dealing with the aftermath of both, including PTSD. Rokia's childhood comes with drug use and child abuse/neglect warnings. If you're wondering if something is going to bother you (trigger-wise or anything else-wise), please feel free to message me and ask. I promise I don't bite.
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