kawuli (kawuli) wrote,

Fun things time--anybody curious?

Asks about OCs, give me a name and a number and I'll tell you a thing.

1. What is their worst fear?
2. Does your OC have a temper?
3. Religious beliefs?
4. Height?
5. Weight?
6. What is something that they really regret?
7. Something they’re proud of?
8. What is something they really hate?
9. Now something they really love?
10. How does your OC react when they’re embarrassed?
11. Birthday!
12. Are they a morning person or a night owl?
13. Is there anything you would have changed about your OC?
14. If you could compare your OC to an animal what would that be?
15. Give me a description of their family
16. Are they good with technology?
17. Describe some of their hobbies!
18. Describe their sleeping habits
19. What are some of their strengths
20. What are some of their weaknesses
21. Do they have any mental disorders? (PTSD/Depression etc)
22. Do they have any physical impairments (Blind/Deaf/Loss of a limb)
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