kawuli (kawuli) wrote,

The world turned upside down

This morning:

me: Mom, did you hear what happened last night?

mom: *looks scared* …No?

me: The healthcare repeal failed. Murkowski, Collins and McCain voted against it.

Saying someone’s face “lit up” is so cliched, but that’s totally what happened. Between the words “repeal” and “failed” she went from scared to elated, and we hugged and laughed and then she went off to meet a friend for lunch, looking happier than I’ve seen her in a long time. I’ve smiled more today than I have in the last two weeks combined.

And I know there’s a million things going wrong still and we’re gonna have to keep fighting but for today: WE WON.

And this is no small thing. I’ll get to keep Medicaid. Mom will hopefully get to keep her private insurance (and since she's disabled that is HUGE). People’s lives were on the line, with a Republican House and a Republican Senate and a Republican President and: WE WON.

We won.
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