kawuli (kawuli) wrote,

2017 writing year in review

I wrote a total of 178901 words in 2017.

monthly total word counts

There’s a lot of month-to-month fluctuation, and a lot of fluctuation in what I wrote: things that took over my brain (April is mostly that one where Allie has a baby…) and things with deadlines (November is almost all the Parker fic for the Leverage Big Bang) and things I actually planned to write (the rebellion stuff). Toward the end of the year I also did a bunch of haphazard research for the Moss and Rain story I am actually going to write (I hope).

I also wrote for more fandoms this year: Hunger Games is still the bulk of it, but I also wrote another Leverage fic, a Star Wars Rose and Rey one-shot, a Stranger Things bit about Eleven, and started a Dragon Age II f!Hawke/Isabela fic (which I need to finish….).

It was a hard year. So mostly I’m just glad I kept writing.

Top 5 by hits:

  1. The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy (515) Star Wars, post-The Last Jedi
  2. It’s just messy (268) Dragon Age II
  3. seedlings search for light (254) Stranger Things
  4. My Perfect Thief (191) Leverage
  5. Start taking back what they stole (177) Hunger Games

Top 5 by kudos:

  1. The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy (107)
  2. My Perfect Thief (32)
  3. seedlings search for light (30)
  4. Start taking back what they stole (16)
  5. It’s just messy (13)

Top 5 by comment threads:

  1. My Perfect Thief (8)
  2. Proof that the spirit has not died: Hunger Games, The Rebellion from Below Part 3 (6)
  3. The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy (6)
  4. It’s just messy (3)
  5. 3 Hunger Games fics tied with 2 threads each ( 123 )

My 5 favorites (in no particular order):


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