kawuli (kawuli) wrote,

Things I Did in 2017

For my own future reference, because even though I "didn't get anything done" I actually did a lot of stuff.

  • Started driving people to immigration appointments
  • Had a physical
  • Went to a funeral
  • Yelled at my congresswoman during an event. Yes literally.
  • Went to Lesbians Who Tech thanks to a) a scholarship from them b) a $150 round trip ticket ORD-SFO and c) a friend’s recommendation/“you gotta come”/couch to sleep on
  • Started with first USA therapist
  • Celebrated turning 34 by driving to Toronto
  • Did not stab my aunt even though she was here for a whole week and I really wanted to
  • Started looking for a new therapist when mine moved and I didn’t like her that much
  • Took my mom to have outpatient foot surgery
  • Did some work for my MSc advisor
  • went to an immigrant rights thing for May Day
  • went to another funeral
  • submitted revisions on my 2nd chapter/paper
  • started getting paid for part-time consulting work
  • Started with new therapist (who is great)
  • Fixed some stuff for mom and took a truckload of old cabinets to the ReStore
  • Sucked.
  • I bruised my tailbone which both hurt a lot and was triggering as fuck.
  • Went to Mayo clinic with mom
  • Saw the eclipse (!) in Kentucky with Chase and his friends who were great
  • Got actual work done on my thesis for the first time since early July.
  • Put up an arch in the back yard and poured a concrete base for a metal sculpture in the front yard (with Mom’s help)
  • Started helping coordinate the transportation drivers group for immigration appointments and such
  • Drove to Toronto again and went camping for the first time since 2012 with the asshole ex boyfriend. I was very anxious, but I survived. Lora helped a lot.
  • Saw Against Me! (while I was in Toronto)
  • Had a hormonal IUD installed. (I’m thinking this was a good call: the first month I spotted a lot and had a lot of headaches but this month I have not bled at all!)
  • Started applying to 2 postdoc jobs, had Skype interviews
  • Broke and then fixed my laptop, those 3 days of panic sure were fun
  • Scheduled in-person interview for one potential job, finished applying to the other
  • Went to Toronto again (asked my parents to pay for the plane ticket as trade for taking mom to Mayo twice, they said yes)
  • Went to Kansas for Family Christmas Extravaganza, did not stab anyone even on the 27th time I got asked how my thesis was coming.
  • Survived 2017
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