kawuli (kawuli) wrote,

Things that are happening

Some things:

I don't have to see the psychiatrist for eight whole weeks, which is twice as long as it has been. And zero meds-changing today at my appointment!

I saw a new GP for the first time and gave her a list of "things my body does that I wish it didn't"--an actual list on paper because my therapist made me. I'm starting amitriptyline to hopefully have less headaches, and we'll follow up for various musculoskeletal nonsense and allergies another time, because the migraines stuff plus usual new-patient stuff took probably close to an hour.

Sidenote: The place I go for therapy, psychiatrist, and now GP is actually pretty amazing. First off just the fact that all three of those people are in the same place and share notes and info and such is great, because I don't have to repeat things as much. They also work on a sliding scale and take all the insurances and are committed to not turning away people even if they can't pay. I was checking out a couple weeks ago after a guy who said he'd plan to pay for a $150 charge in $30 a month increments. And left without paying anything. And that was fine, and the guy at the desk was just as polite with that guy as with me. Also, just about everyone is bilingual (English and Spanish), and they don't care about immigration status or anything like that.

It is the one thing I will seriously miss when I move.

Speaking of which...

So. This coming week. Tomorrow I drive to St. Paul with my mom and stay with her brother and family, because Monday she has an appointment at Mayo clinic. That's in the morning and we drive partway home, get home on Tuesday, I take the train Wednesday morning to O'Hare to fly to Maryland for an interview--or rather, a day of interviews and a 40-minute presentation--and stay with my sister for the weekend.

So it'll be a little hectic.

On the plus side, I probably am going to be okay, which would not have been the case if I had this schedule six months ago. On the minus side...it's still a lot and it's still going to wear me out. But the job is interesting (it's climate change modeling type stuff) and I know a few people in the Baltimore/DC area, and if I can make it through the day I get to have dinner withpenfold_xafter!

I've also applied to a job that would be in either Las Cruces, NM or Boulder, CO working with a team building a mobile app that farmers and extension workers in Africa (or wherever) could use to estimate land potential productivity and some other stuff. Which sounds cooler, job-wise. And Boulder has mountains, and Las Cruces would be much cheaper than either of the other two cities (but would require a car...). But I don't know anyone out there. And their process is being slower.

So I don't know. I'm trying not to stress about decisions I don't have to make yet. And mostly being successful, because I have enough other things to stress about already.

Like the fact that I need to schedule my thesis defense and also oh yeah finish my fucking thesis.


But hey, making progress...
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