kawuli (kawuli) wrote,

I've figured out the Black Panther AU I want

It's entirely original characters, only tangentially related to the main plot, and is mostly an excuse for insane levels of worldbuilding. Anyone surprised? Nobody? Excellent.

You can’t have Wakanda intervening in every conflict in Africa without fundamentally changing the whole premise of the story. But if Cuba can send medical personnel all over the world, then Wakanda could do something similar. The War Dogs aren’t just spies, there’s also a contingent of doctors, teachers, tech workers, etc. who work semi-covertly and keep up the pretense that Wakanda really isn’t any richer than Cuba.

And yet they have all this advanced tech…that they let leak out slowly…and they confuse the FUCK out of the CIA (and occasionally step in to stop CIA nonsense like the assassination of Lumumba in the Congo) and it’s this huge mystery and there’s conspiracy theories about how actually Wakanda is super-advanced but nobody actually BELIEVES that, right? They’re just some poor African country, come on now.

And then a brilliant Black American who’s on the continent doing…idk aid work or anthropological research or something…overhears some people talking about Wakandan technology that she knows SHOULD NOT exist and she starts digging around and confronts one of the Wakandan doctors like “okay, what the hell’s actually going on here?” and the Wakandan doctor tries to weasel her way out of it but this woman has them figured out, and is also super smart and relentless, which, yes okay, is a definite turn-on, but it also means she’s really not going to just let this go. So finally Wakandan Doctor is like OKAY FINE and takes American to the Wakandan consulate and marches up to her boss like “what do you want me to do with this woman, she is making me CRAZY” and…

…hijinks ensue. Also probably some “oh my god you are the WORST why am I so attracted to you?” and a trip to Wakanda and…

Black Panther almost-canon-compliant pre-canon AU, 100k, F/F, slow burn, competence kink, global geopolitics, please someone else write this I have way too many things I want to write already.

ETA because I realized this wasn’t clear except in my head:

The woman who goes digging to figure out Wakanda in the story is an expat-type-person because the Africans who work with the Wakandans know something’s up, and a few of them actually know quite a lot about Wakanda, but they’re all keeping the secret. And if they do tell foreigners it gets written off as mysticism.

Because far be it from me to suggest that Africans wouldn't figure this shit out.
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