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the cool thing about building a fictional culture is that I can just… decide that kids don’t pick their pronouns or grownup names until they’re adolescents. So there’s a gender neutral “kid” pronoun, and then at some point the kid’s like “hi I am a boy/girl and my name is [Name]” and it’s like a Rite Of Passage thing (details TBD). (also there’s magic, so magic-hormone-things happen as needed. also magic surgeries. my world my rules.)

Some kids are REALLY SURE they’re girls when they’re like 6 and their parents are like “that’s great sweetie” and then sometimes a week later the same kid is REALLY SURE they’re a boy, because small children, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the name of the week but that’s just how kids are, y’know? By the time they’re teenagers it becomes more serious (and stressful I am sure).  Some kids decide they don’t want to have a binary gender, and assholes say those people are just immature (because alas, there are assholes everywhere), but most people just figure someone else’s gender isn’t their business and go on with their lives. Same goes for adults who are like “you know, actually I’m switching genders.” (my hypothesis is that this would happen less frequently in a world with minimal transphobia, because more people would figure gender stuff out as teenagers, but I’m sure there’s always going to be late bloomers or people whose conception just shifts as they get older, or something)

There’s also polyamory and lots of queer people, although in farming clans (where land ownership is patrilineal) it’s generally frowned upon to have more than 2 men in a marriage because …..guys is this a land acquisition scheme? (It’s not forbidden, it’s just… Not Done)

Which is all to say that one of the important-but-not-POV characters is a witch woman in her 70s who is a little bit like Granny Weatherwax and a little bit like Dot, my mom’s 93-year-old BFF who is tiny and fierce, and a lot her entirely own cantankerous but loving self. And also she’s trans.

(this is what i thought about to distract myself at the dentist this afternoon…)

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