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“Oh, I don’t have that much

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“Oh, I don’t have that much stuff,” I always think, right up until I have to fucking move. Where did all these clothes come from? why do I have two shelves worth of random drugs and toiletries? I apparently own a whole BUNCH of kitchen stuff?

I’m sure I will be grateful to have all of this when I have to set up housekeeping but I mean… I spent most of 2013-2016 in an apartment with no kitchen, kept all my dishes in a big metal box, cooked on one gas burner on the porch, and washed dishes in a bucket with water from the shower. My clothes were in another big metal box. I owned a plastic table and some foam mattresses and pillows and a handful of chairs (and yes, i had a mosquito net, yes it was treated, it’s not my fault I got malaria anyway). When I wasn’t there, I was in the Netherlands living out of a 45 kg airline baggage allowance + random shit I could borrow or find for cheap. Or otherwise traveling.

I have in fact moved enough shit to need a U-Haul exactly once: when I moved my stuff from Lansing to my parents’ house. I stayed in Pasadena after college, with the asshole ex-boyfriend, so that was “drive over a couple carloads.” When I left before Peace Corps everything fit in my 93 Honda Accord. When I moved to Lansing, we borrowed our neighbor’s van, and we only needed that because my mom randomly bought me dishes at Goodwill and I inherited my grandma’s pots and pans. And all the other times I’ve moved by airplane.

I have, now that I think about it, never actually moved away indefinitely. It’s always been go somewhere, come home, repeat, and everything since Peace Corps has had fixed(ish) durations and I’ve known they’re temporary from the get-go. Which means that I am 35 years old and this is the first time since right after college that my thought process for moving hasn’t involved “what is the minimum amount of stuff I can take, the rest can just stay here.”

And yes I know: I am very lucky that my parents live in the midwest and can thus afford a house with a big basement where I can store shit. And that they are good people and will let me do that and let me live here this year and all the rest. It’s just that means that I am, in some ways, hilariously inexperienced when it comes to Standard Adulting Procedures. (In this country, anyway. My ego demands I point out that I’ve rented housing on three continents, so it’s more that I have a different Adulting skillset than that I am just that sheltered.)

…..there may have been a point when I started this, but it seems to have wandered off, or else I have, or maybe both. tl;dr (i guess?) moving is weird and sucks and i experiencing my traditional “ponder setting everything on fire and moving to the wilderness to become a hermit” stage of packing-induced insanity.

Tags:mo liveblogs random shit, i fucking hate moving, this is why i want to find a good place to live, because if i could not move for 3 entire years i would be, so, happy, sigh, glamorous expat life, does not prepare you for USA adulting, unsurprisingly, crosspost, why not

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