kawuli (kawuli) wrote,

Orwellian much?

My new job has one major downside, particularly in our current national dystopia.

So the thing is, thinking about climate change can pretty quickly get me to a point where I'm like "welp, we're all fucked, no point trying too hard at silly things like 'staying alive' because there's really no fucking point."*

Since my job is now pretty much 100% thinking about climate change, this is...a challenge.

Especially since today we had a "journal club" meeting, in which a bunch of mostly grad students and postdocs were discussing this paper about how we need to reduce emissions by like 4%/year starting yesterday in order to make meeting the Paris 1.5-2 degree targets feasible...

...and then I saw an article about how Scott Pruitt is trying to ban EPA advisory committees from using any study that doesn't make its data available to the public, because "transparency." This from the guy who banned professors who get EPA research grants from advising the EPA on policy (begging the question of what the point of EPA research grants even is if you're not using that information to inform policy...) but he's totally FINE with representatives of industries the EPA regulates determining policy for regulating those industries. Which is to say he obviously doesn't give a fuck about transparency, he just found a convenient way to prevent people from citing, oh, basically anything published before 2010 and most shit since then...

...and then there was the article about the random dude whose sole qualification is "I worked for the Trump campaign" who is allowed to just go "lol nah" and cancel funding for things if he doesn't like them, and who said he's "on the lookout for the double-C word"...

...all this following the meeting I had on Thursday whose major theme was "how do we write this paper about climate change without MENTIONING climate change" and included using code-words like "radiative forcing pathways" instead of "climate change scenarios" and "land use change" instead of "deforestation"...

...and things are getting MORE THAN A LITTLE BIT Orwellian around here. And it's fucking infuriating.

*NOTE: this is a cognitive distortion, it is not actually true. Please do not go out like 'well mo says we're all fucked and there's no point and she's an Official Climate Scientist as of 3 weeks ago so she must know.' That's ...no.

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